The outbreak of Ebola west Africa, the deadliest outbreak ever, has produced a lot of column inches and hours of news broadcasting. Not all of that reporting has been created equally though. It’s obvious that, while some news sources have been dedicating themselves to even-handed explanations of the disease and its effects, others are simply trying to cash in on the viewership hyping the disease can cause.

Enter Fox News. The channel has been doing little to quell the fears of its viewers and return them to something resembling reality. It’s a sentiment that is sadly echoed in the Right-wing.

On CNN Sunday, PBS Newshour’s science correspondent, Miles O’Brien, expressed his dismay with broadcasts that only serve to reinforce stereotypical and, in some cases, ignorant and racist sentiments. Instead, he says that we should not even allow these sort of backwards thinking and unproductive contribution into our conversations.

H/T Crooks & Liars

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