Former Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski was arrested this week on charges of having paid sexual relations with minors while in the Dominican Republic, reported The Raw Story.

Meanwhile, as Vatican detectives were analyzing the archbishop’s computer, they found a horrendously large amount of photos and videos featuring child pornography. They estimated 86,000 photos and 160 videos of sexual images involving children, with 45,000 photos being deleted.

Wesolowski was relieved from his diplomatic duties in Santo Domingo after accusations that he paid for underage sex surfaced. He’s currently being held in the basement of the Collegio dei Penitenzieri, the place of the Vatican’s court and military police, reported The Raw Story.

The former archbishop is under investigation to find if he was part of a child sex ring involving other pedophiles. With his trial beginning in January, Wesolowski faces 12 years in prison if convicted of these crimes.