America’s drone program is affecting people in ways that you don’t hear about everyday. That’s a shame. As John Oliver so perfectly points out, when foreign children are telling Congress that we have a program that has made them fear the sky, it may be time to ask some questions about what’s going on.

In the video, Oliver highlights that in a Congressional hearing that took place last year, Rosa Brooks, a professor at Georgetown and former official at the Pentagon under Obama, described the program this way:

“Right now we have the executive branch making a claim that it has the right to kill anyone, anywhere on Earth, at any time, for secret reasons, based on secret evidence, in a secret process undertaken by unidentified officials. That frightens me.”

With that John Oliver expresses his concern, “It is completely natural for us [Americans] not to want to think about the consequences of our drone program. But when children from other countries are telling us we’ve made them fear the sky, it might be time to ask some hard questions.”


Joshua is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire. You can follow him on Twitter @Joshual33.