Bill Clinton doesn’t think that businesses will put their profits first going into the future. At least not the successful ones. Well, at least not the businesses that will be successful in the future the Bill Clinton envisions.

Instead, the former President thinks that businesses will start to value the wellbeing of its employees and their fulfillment. In the future marketplace, those businesses will find that it is in their financial best interest to appreciate and care for the growth and development of those inside the business and will care deeply for the communities that they are situated in.

It was at the annual Clinton Global Initiative that the former president outlined his vision of a marketplace that didn’t need government incentives or reprimands on business in this regard.

“I think the government can have incentives that will encourage it, but I think by and large it will happen, if it does, because of proof that markets work better that way,” Clinton said.

The vision Clinton laid out is a nice one, however, it seems that he is trying to refute the trend of the richest in this country removing themselves from contact with the general population and overall distancing and partisanship that is occurring today.

Clinton laid out a warning too, however, if businesses failed to come to his view of the future market. He said, “We’re going to share inequality, misery and conflict, or we’re going to share prosperity, responsibilities and a sense of community.”

Let’s hope that we see the latter come to pass.

Joshua is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire. You can follow him on Twitter @Joshual33.