Former Florida Republican governor Jeb Bush seems poised to make another run for the White House in 2016, which he once tried and failed more than a decade ago, reported Salon. With Bush’s friends saying that “he’s leaning more yes than no,” we ask ourselves, who really wants another Bush at 1600 Penn. Avenue?

A number of news outlets have reported that several fundraisers headlined by Jeb point to his attempts at establishing a “Bush restoration.” But the Bush legacy is irreparable. George Sr. was a one-term Reagan Republican who saw more time as Reagan’s second banana rather than leader of the free world.

George “Dubya” Bush, although twice elected as president, left an embarrassing legacy to the Bush name that remains to be invoked when recalling the blunders of the White House. From unfavorable wars, to deceit of the American public, and poor public speaking, the faulty presidency of “Dubya” was enough to draw domestic and foreign ire. If your results get a shoe thrown at you, then you’re doing a poor job.

Bush plays to the same crowd as Mitt Romney, writes Luke Brinker of Salon, which are the wealthy, white-collar, corporate Republican types. Being compared to Romney has naturally gotten Bush compared to Michele Bachmann also. Bush is pro-corporation, anti-LGBT, anti-Obamacare, and embraces other neoconservative pieties.

It’s been noted that the Establishment GOPers are okay with the idea of another Bush for President ticket. However, as Brinker noted, American voters may not be so keen on having another Bush in the White House. George Sr. was unpopular but not completely incompetent. “Dubya,” on the other hand, was unpopular and created a real stench of incompetence during his two terms.

With that smell still in the noses of the American voters, despite what Establishment GOPers may like or want, Jeb is still a Bush which automatically imposes on him that awful Dubya-era stink.

Josh is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire. Follow him on Twitter @dnJdeli.