On Fox & Friends, the Right-wing pundit Tucker Carlson had some remarks regarding new leaked images of an upcoming Popeye and the attempts to reign in the sexualization of women.

In the leaked photos of a new imagining of Popeye, the character seems to lose the trademark pipe and arm-tattoo.

On the show, host Clayton Morris exclaimed, “Without the iconic anchor tattoo and the smoking pipe! Are they wussifying Popeye?”

That’s when Tucker Carlson decided to let us all know what he thought about the fresh face of Popeye.

“Of course, they’re wussifying. Nothing is scarier to a modern liberal than tobacco. If Popeye were driving around giving the morning after pill to fourth graders, that would be totally fine,” said Carlson.

After continuing to bemoan Popeye’s redesign, they moved onto Wonder Woman’s apparent “Islamic” redesign.

Host Anna Kooiman, of the toned-down Wonder Woman, said, “Some would say that this is an important thing that we’re not sexualizing these women so much.”

“That’s a good Islamic point,” added Carlson. “We should cover them. We should cover the women because, otherwise, it just incites the men. It’s immodest as we say in the Sharia.”


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