Rick Perry is known to be monumentally unintelligent. In fact, how he became a state governor is an academic quandary in itself. Yesterday, he proved it again while speaking at the Texas Tribune Festival where he said that late comedian Joan Rivers would still be alive if she were at a Texas Abortion clinic.

“It was interesting that when Joan Rivers, and the procedure that she had done, where she died, that was at a clinic,” said Perry. “It’s a curious thought that if they had had that type of type of regulations [sic] in place, whether or not that individual would still be alive.”

Perry made the comments while speaking on the subject of HB2, a Texas law which would have required the state’s abortion clinics to meet the same operating standards as hospitals.

We see what you’re getting at, Perry. However, just because an abortion clinic has the same standards as a hospital doesn’t mean it actually is a hospital. Furthermore, HB2 addresses a problem that doesn’t even exist. HB2 addresses the supposed occurrence of maternal, abortion-related deaths in Texas. There’s one thing wrong with the logic behind the law: there were no deaths to speak of.

In fact, thousands of people die every year at hospitals because of surgery-related deaths whether it be from malpractice, infection, or adverse reactions to medications. By Perry’s logic, Rivers would have been safer in an operating room than at a clinic that produces no deaths.

How Perry has retained his office for the last 13 years is an absolute mystery. The people of Texas would do themselves a great service by not voting him again. He is a suspected felon, after all. And his chances of being elected president are as realistic as Bigfoot’s existence

Watch the video below; the comments begin at 1:00:14:

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