Reports surfaced last week of a bar-style brawl breaking out at a snowmobile party in Anchorage, Alaska. According to witnesses and reporters familiar with the incident, a good number of the Palin family were involved in the incident. Now, an eyewitness to the fight who spoke to Good Morning America has lost his job as a result of discussing what it was that he saw.

Eric Thompson, was an eyewitness at the snowmobile party and shared his account of what he saw with Alaskan political blogger Amanda Coyne. He was fired Friday, according to Mediaite, for talking to the media.

According to a tweet from Elizabeth Applegate, a producer with Entertainment Tonight, she confirmed that he was fired for specifically for speaking with ABC.

The tangled web goes further however, as Thompson’s employer was McKenna Bros. Paving Co.. According to Political Gates, the party the original brawl occurred at was hosted by the McKenna’s.

“It was a really nice mellow party,”said Thompson. “Then it turned into the Jerry Springer show.”

Sarah Palin herself was a part of the fray according to Thompson, “I heard Sarah Palin scream out, ‘You know who we are, don’t you?’”

Regrettably, we all know who you are, Sarah Palin. Sadly, these antics do not surprise most of us the least bit.

Joshua is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire. You can follow him on Twitter @Joshual33.