Congress is back in session and has big plans to sit on its hands and do nothing; exactly what has come to be expected of the GOP.

According to The Hill, both the House and Senate “might only be in session for a handful of legislative days” this month. During that time, most assume that they’ll take action on an appropriations bill to prevent a government shutdown before the end of the fiscal year and the continuation of the Export-Import Bank.

Instead they’ll continue to ignore the growing crisis at our border relying on President Obama to take executive action and then cry foul that he is overstepping his authority.

While Congress won’t be addressing issues plaguing the nation, it will have time to allow its members to push for legislation that positions them well for upcoming elections. These are known as “Messaging Bills” and they are never expected to do anything but position their proponents for upcoming campaigns.

So what we will see are a number of proposals to cut spending and terminate taxes. What we won’t see is a serious effort to engage with crises growing in the middle east (ISIS?).

This way, Congress can keep playing by the GOP handbook it has been for the past near-decade: sit on your hands, and when something breaks, blame the groups that are trying to pass legislation or take action to address the issues facing our nation.

Joshua is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire. You can follow him on Twitter @Joshual33.