If you were to take 90 of the countries around the world according to GDP ranking and compare the entire economies of those countries against simply the pure profits of Exxon, Exxon would be more economically powerful and profitable than every one of those 90 countries.

Where does sales analysis of $30 billion a year leave a company like Exxon – or Shell, or BP, or Chevron? It leaves them in control of our lives.

What does that kind of money buy, not just in America, but around the world? It bought George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Condi Rice. After that, industry spent more money than they have to this day buying a presidency. It bought an entire military complex of Americans who have left their blood in deserts all over the world so big oil could become bigger oil. It bought organizations that promote fraud all the way from local politics to international politics. Groups like ALEC, the Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity – groups that can be traced back to promoting corporate welfare for the multi-billion dollar oil industry. Groups that are encouraging the fracking of our local communities where the poisons are slowly killing our children and destroying our drinking water.

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