During an interview with Trunews last week, former presidential candidate Herman Cain said that he believed President Obama is deliberately trying to get impeached so he can “laugh at the Republicans.”

“I believe that he’ll do it, and here’s why,” Cain explained to Trunews, which calls itself “the only newscast reporting the countdown to the second coming of Jesus Christ.”

“First, it’s going to simulate some lawsuits and he knows that it’ll take time for those lawsuits to make their way through the court system,” said Cain. “So they’ll play upon the slowness of the justice system. The whole reason that he would do that is to try and get the Hispanic vote of November of this year.”

Cain also said that the Democrats would rather President Obama be impeached as a distraction from having to deal with issues like national security or the economy.

“The democrats would love for the media to be obsessed with impeachment proceedings leading up to November,” Cain said, “because the Democrats do not want the media to be focusing on failed economic policy, no foreign policy, [and] corruption that’s going on in all of the various departments.”

Listen to to the interview via Right Wing Watch.