Michael Brown’s shooter, Darren Wilson, was a member of a now defunct police department that was broken up over its racial tensions, according to the Washington Post. Wilson was a member of the department in which all of the officers lost their jobs at the time of the disbandment.

According to the Post, the Jennings Police Department was “a mainly white department mired in controversy in controversy and notorious for its fraught relationship with residents, especially the African American majority… not an ideal place to learn how to police.”

After the department was sent packing, some of the officers returned to reapply for positions in the reconstructed department. Darren Wilson, went and applied for a position in the Ferguson police department.

The troubled racial history didn’t end with the disbandment of the department though.

After Michael Brown was shot, Kajieme Powell was gunned down. Police claim he was brandishing a knife but eyewitness accounts dispute that claim.

A number of other officers have been released or suspended related to other incidents.

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