Rush Limbaugh, the throat-jowl-shaking monster of the Right, has decided that Ferguson is just giving the “Democrat party” too much press. In his opinion, it’s time that people recognize that what happened in every scandal “you” (read: he) can remember is the fault of one man: Barack Obama.

After a caller complained to Limbaugh on Tuesday about hearing too much about Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, Limbaugh jumped in:

“But this is the Democrat Party, folks. The president of the United States is in charge of what’s happened here. I think it is time for everybody to come to grips with a simple reality. I don’t care what scandal you name — Benghazi, Fast and Furious, take your pick, IRS — has anybody involved in any of these scandals been fired? Not a single person.”

Instead of being about justice for the Michael Brown and his family, or the rights of the citizens of Ferguson, Limbaugh sees the issue as one of attacking the GOP.

“This is about wiping out the Republican Party. This is about wiping out the Libertarians. This is about wiping out anybody who opposes Obama. Every bit of this. This isn’t Al Sharpton. This isn’t Jesse Jackson. They’re just tag-alongs now. This is Obama and Holder. But all of this is Barack Obama. Every event every detail every occurrence is Obama. And the end result is the end and absence of any opposition. So that’s what Ferguson’s all about, like all the rest of this has been about.”


Joshua is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire. You can follow him on Twitter @Joshual33.