Mississippi Tea Party chairman Roy Nicholson spoke at an event in Flowood, Mississippi this week. But before going into his speech about how God delivered conservative journalist to save America, he called upon the Almighty of the Old Testament to “be violent against” the establishment Republicans, Salon reported.

“We ask for your blessing upon the conservatives in this state, that they might stand strong and firm,” said Nicholson. “Father, we even ask for you to bless our enemies, and Lord they are truly our enemies that head the Republican Party and the whole political establishment.”

Here’s where the prayer begins to turn strange:

We’re asking, Father, that you would expose them, set division amongst them, set them one against another, bring confusion and fear into their camp, into their thinking, for the

purpose of pulling them down, for casting them down out of their high offices and reducing them, Lord, to having no power in this state.

Father, we’re asking that in all of the tribulations we’re asking you to bring upon them, that it would work change in their heart – that you would use it to bring true Godly sorrow, that

they might truly repent for the iniquity, and their wickedness.

Despite the frequency in which Tea Partiers use this abhorrent rhetoric, it still never ceases to amaze and arouse a certain amount of contempt. These “men of faith,” like Nicholson, are so quick to use religion to bolster their political ideologies that they lose sight of actually upholding the tenets of their religion.

Josh is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire. Follow him on Twitter @dnJdeli.