A 16-year-old boy from Frisco, Texas was arrested and charged with murder in the shooting deaths of both his parents early Monday.

Local police received calls about shots fired on the family’s block at about 2 am on Monday morning. When they arrived on the scene, they found 48-year-old Ryan Callens and 49-year-old Maria Elena Callens dead.

The police have not released the shooter’s name as he is a minor, and have declined to identify a motive or say where the gun used in the shooting came from.

One of five children, the shooter was homeschooled and was described by a friend, Jonathon Marcum, as “very sheltered.” Marcum told the Dallas News, “If he broke the guidelines, he got punished.”

The shooter was not allowed to see rated-R films and was only allowed to watch PG-13 ones after the adult-themed and/or violent scenes were edited out. His Internet use was heavily monitored.

“His parents were really uptight on him,” said friend William Castillo, with whom the shooter would sometimes play ultimate frisbee.

Fox-4 out of Dallas-Ft. Worth reported that the boy went to public elementary school, but was now homeschooled.

“He [was] so against school,” said neighbor Natalie Benitez, 15. “He [was] like, ‘I would never go back.’”

His neighbors and friends are shocked, with one commenting that he “never showed any signs of aggression.” Benitez added, “if he showed it, I would have done something, which really sucks that he didn’t tell anyone … We could have done something about it.”

Fox4 said that police confirmed there were two older siblings in the house, and both made it out of the home safely, but would not elaborate on whether or not they had witnessed the murder.

The boy is currently being held at the Collin County Juvenile Justice Center in McKinney. A detention hearing will be held soon to determine if he should stay in custody or be released until further court proceedings take place.

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