Dr. Ben Carson went on Fox Business yesterday and added more fuel the the ebola hysteria fire that is burning throughout the GOP.

Saying that he was “not enthusiastic about introducing this disease in our country,” Carson told the host that the “benefit to risk ratio” wasn’t great enough to bring home the American doctor and nurse who contracted the disease while helping with the current outbreak in Africa.

“There is always human error, so why subject ourselves to the possibility of a spread from them when we don’t have to, when we have the ability to treat them elsewhere and then bring them back home. I’m still waiting for an explanation as to why we would take that risk and I haven’t heard a satisfactory one yet.”

The conversation then abruptly shifted to Carson’s political future and if the doctor, who has never held an elected government office at any level, is looking towards a 2016 presidential bid.

Carson said that “remains to be seen,” and that he had been meeting with people. He said they had put together the USAFirst PAC to “explore all the possibilities, but also to support candidates that we need to win in the fall.”

When asked what his platform would be if were to run for president, Carson recited the Pledge of Allegiance and then said,

“We need to stop allowing those factions to drive wedges into every crack to create a war on everything: a war on women, age wars, income wars, race wars, religious wars — all of this designed for nefarious objectives.”

Watch Carson’s interview: