Connecticut judicial candidate Anna Zubkova has been thrown into the middle of a social media firestorm because her husband, Rob Freeman, is a white supremacist. And to make things more interesting, Zubkova is a Democrat.

Recently, Freeman’s blog was outed by anti-hate group One People’s Project. Freeman defends his stance by saying “I am pro-white, because so much out there is anti-white. I am not attacking other races, I am defending my own, and I welcome all sincere allies.” However, as backhandedly genuine as that may seem, he bases that notion off of the fact that it’s important to manipulate ethnicities into being an “ally” in order to promote the “white agenda.”

“You don’t tell them the whole mission,” said Freeman. “It’s better to have people work for you when they don’t even realize who they’re working for.”

If Freeman doesn’t actually hate other races, then that’s fine. He’s still a manipulative, power-driven egomaniac. Not to mention, his excruciatingly incorrect ideas about how white influence could have affected the course of history. Freeman believes “If whites had a voice in government, there might not have been an Iraq war.”

What’s funny is that most of the war’s support came from white Republicans, not to say that the war is white people’s fault, but to imply that white people had no “voice in the government” is absolutely foolish.

Freeman used to be a member of the National Alliance, which the Southern Poverty Law Center considered “the most dangerous and best organized neo-Nazi formation in America.” The National Alliance dissolved after its founder died years ago. How many years? Not sure. Who cares? That group has been disbanded, and not even in memory do they matter anymore.

So, with all the hooplah caused by Freeman, what does Zubkova think about all this?

“He did not have those views when we married, but acquired them after,” said Zubkova. “What am I supposed to do? Divorce him? It’s not unusual for husbands and wives to have different views.”

That’s fair enough. People can marry whoever they want, and people can have whatever views they want, but if Zubkova wants to have any chance of solidifying appeal to her Democratic voter base, which she’s probably already lost anyway, she needs keep Freeman completely quiet… or divorce him.

Josh is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire. Follow him on Twitter @dnJdeli.