Congress is out on its five-week, summer recess. Of course, they don’t actually deserve that break because what the hell has Congress accomplished since 2012? Absolutely nothing. Adding to the ridiculousness, Congress is required to vacation during August.

As Will Hurst with AlterNet notes, Congress must take off work for the month of August as per the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1970. Take a vacation, the law says so. How does someone, as Hurst puts it, take a vacation from nothing? If Congress’s below-20 percent approval rating is any indication, the 113th Congress has been on vacation since day one. Hurst sharply explains that:

What we the public fail to understand is that nothing can be downright tiring. Yes, there’s the failure to pass a highway bill or any hint of immigration reform, but let’s focus on the positive. During the past 19 months, the Republican- controlled House has shut down the government and voted to defund or repeal Obama Care about a gazillion times and don’t forget the 2 dozen or so Benghazi hearings. They have definitely earned that approval rating lower than thumbtacks in your underwear while riding a motorcycle. Over railroad tracks.

And now these hordes of professional indolents have slipped the surly bonds of sloth and been released into their home districts to freely roam amongst we innocents as a 5 week recess begins.

The recess is all well and good. The likes of John Boehner, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, and Ted Cruz need all the rest they can get. Lawsuits, calls for impeachment, and GOP obstruction tend to weaken the mind and body, not to mention all of the 21-hour non-filibusters to waste Congressional floor time. Ted Cruz is going to need all the energy he can muster if he’s going to read the entire Dr. Seuss catalogue.

But, in actuality, the recess will do nothing to benefit Congress. When these guys return from the recess, they will be ready to get going on more nothing, more blabbering, more obstruction.