Open Carry Nuts Have Written A Children’s Book

Michigan Open Carry co-founders Brian Jeffs and Nathan Nephew have collaborated to write and publish a children’s book. Nice idea, right? Except, in this book, the theme and subject is about open carry. It’s a children’s book about guns.

GOP Trying to Benefit from Affordable Care Act Failures Despite Having Caused Them

It’s no secret that the GOP hates the Affordable Care Act (ACA). More than 40 unsuccessful attempts to repeal it before it was implemented cemented where they stood on the issue.

Insurance Company Pays Out $21,000 Settlement… In Change

American insurance companies have stooped to a brand new low. Adriana Insurance Service recently paid out a $21,000 settlement to 73-year-old Andres Carrasco with 5-gallon buckets filled with loose change.

Ann Coulter Hates The American Doctor That Contracted Ebola

Why does the Right hate good Samaritans so much? Not even a week ago,Donald Trump was talking about how stupid it was for the United States to take care of the Americans that had contracted Ebola in the current outbreak in Africa. Now Ann Coulter is stepping up to the plate to  defend her title as the most vitriolic and inane blabbermouth in the country.