The NSA’s technological domination of the globe has expanded to unprecedented levels. Now, its former man in charge of all of that oppression is cashing in on his technical prowess. General Keith Alexander, who helmed the NSA during the time of the Edward Snowden Leaks, is making millions in the private sector by selling his technical prowess in cybersecurity.

Gen. Alexander announced his retirement last year and finally stepped down in March; since then he has been making on the order of up to $1 million a month for his services, according to Bloomberg. Talk about a revolving door; that’s a revolving golden door with golden floors being walked on in golden shoes with golden laces.


Or this.

Alexander has a keen insight into the technological capabilities and weaknesses of the system. But working directly with banks, as Bloomberg points out, is a bit rich.

“It would be devastating if one of our major banks was hit, because they’re so interconnected,” said Alexander in an interview.

The former NSA head’s company is called IronNet Cybersecurity. One of its chief technologies is a way of detecting and combating “advanced persistent threats”. Sound familiar?

Many are aghast at the gall of the General to, in their view, turn around and profit from the information and insights he gained during his time spying on everyone in the world.

According the The Verge, “Alexander stands to profit directly off of his taxpayer-funded experience, and may do so with a competitive advantage over other competing private firms.”

There’s no end to the revolving door in sight, when government officials like this are so blatantly and callously cashing in on their public service.

Joshua is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire. You can follow him on Twitter @Joshual33.