Open-carry birthers in Dallas took up arms, carrying assault rifles, regular rifles, and shotguns, and commenced an open-carry demonstration at Dealey Plaza, the site of JFK’s assassination. Their message: they’re not giving up their guns.

The disorganized band of gun-lovers set up a demonstration that was outright tasteless across the board. Their first wrong move was arranging the demonstration at the site of where of the country’s greatest presidents was murdered… with a gun (please withhold the conspiracy theories). Although it’s a tall order to ask for any class from these so-called pro-America freedom lovers, they are disrespecting a very important part and place of the nation’s history.

Alongside desecrating Dealey Plaza, the protestors rallied behind the message that Obama is a foreigner who released “the homo demons,” that Jesus Christ would stone gay people to death, and that they just weren’t going to give up their guns.

“We ain’t gonna give up our guns,” said an activist with a raucous southern twang. “I’m just sick and tired of these foreigners coming in this country, and they don’t have any idea what American freedom is all about.”

It’s safe to say that “these foreigners” do have an idea of what American freedom is all about, or else they wouldn’t come here. American freedom allows picking up your assault rifles and shotguns, going to the place where a president was killed by a rifle-toting assassin, and making a complete ass of yourself. Ah, I love the smell of ignorant political ideology in the morning.

However, the tragedy eventually turns into entertainment when the group brings out the Obama birth conspiracy theories, which were settled years ago.

“We’re worried about foreigners coming over the border; we’ve got a foreigner as president!” said protester Rudy. “We got a foreigner that was born in Kenya that had an illegal birth certificate as president, and you guys worried about foreigners coming over the border. So, the bottom line is we aren’t giving up our guns.”

We’re not exactly sure how this protester connects administrative paperwork to assault rifles, but he somehow thinks it’s there. And, if Rudy wants to get technical on the subject of naturalization, Texas has a “foreigner” as a senator who people, like Rudy, think should run for president. Ted Cruz was born in Canada.

But, that’s not all. They even had a preacher make an appearance to tell passersby that they’re all going to Hell. Adultery is caused by a “lustful spirit” and a woman who “doesn’t dress right,” charges the preacher.

“You are a sinner; you deserve hell,” he shouted.

Josh is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire. Follow him on Twitter @dnJdeli.