Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC) has amplified the Obama blame to include the tensions in Ukraine, Gaza, and the border crisis- a newfound, favorite Republican past time. While the president has been treating the Ukraine situation delicately, Graham, while on the Meet The Press, called upon Obama, whom he calls the King of Indecision, to institute a little of the Bush-era foreign policy.

“He didn’t call for the arming of the Ukraine so they can defend themselves against the local separatists supported by Russia,” said Graham. “All the enemies of our nation are being well supplied, Russia and Iran are helping Syria.”

After his diatribe about how America should be arming and training the Ukrainians, Graham insisted on placing some passive, wartime-like sanctions on Russia, sanctions that could possibly be more provocative than deterring. Graham is talking about sanctions that “go after Putin individually, the energy sector in Russia, the banking sector in Russia.”

Graham’s suggestions to how he thinks America should be reacting to the problems in the East are as hot-headed as they are foolish.

In Graham’s tirade, he complains about how the Ukraine crisis has taken the president’s attention away from the problems on the US-Mexico border. Throughout, he manages to allude to the fact that the immigration issue isn’t so much about Repubs trying to do what they think is best for the country than it is about winning constituency. He said if they don’t win the immigration reform issue, then they’ll lose the White House in 2016.

Graham is the personification of the GOP’s temper tantrum over Obama’s relieved attention to the border crisis. But the Ukraine crisis is vastly a larger issue than what’s going on at the border. Graham is pushing Obama to do something fast about Ukraine just so they can continue focusing on the border.

Watch Lindsey Graham’s Meet The Press interview below: