America has been announced as the world’s biggest oil producer, according to a new report from Bank of America. The U.S. claimed the title in 2010 and has held it against contenders like Russia and Saudi Arabia ever since. Though, with carbon emissions blowingIs by dangerous levels, is the title really a proud one to hold?

The U.S. now produces over 11 million barrels of oil a day and consumption has risen to nearly 19 million barrels a day. The burning of these fuels continue to put more and more carbon into the air and solidify the irreversible effects of climate change. To get here, Progressives were sold an “all of the above” theory of energy production by President Obama. Realistically, the “all of the above” approach has seen greater gains in the oil production sector than anywhere else though.

Make no mistake, carbon levels in the atmosphere are at the highest they have ever been in 800,000 years. So how can the U.S. be proud that it’s the world’s biggest oil producer?

Here are some key points that outline the ways that Obama has lied to progressives and gone against his word to provide a cleaner and more stable world for the future.

Obama has approved new offshore drilling permits for the Gulf of Mexico, the Arctic Ocean and (reversing a decades-long moratorium) off the East Coast.

Coal exports have risen to record levels under the Obama administration.

U.S. oil exports, banned for more than 40 years, are now being loosened by the Commerce Department, providing U.S. oil companies the opportunity to target lucrative markets in Europe and Asia, also spurring the economic incentive to increase production as well as consumption. – Ecowatch

Now, as we approach the end of Obama’s presidency and potential future candidates are taking shape, eyes are looking to Hillary Clinton. But how can Progressives trust that they won’t just be sold the same pack of lies like they were with Obama when it comes to protecting the climate and our nation’s energy future?