DOJ Challenging GOP Voting Rules In Ohio And Wisconsin

Since the Supreme Court decided to rip the veritable teeth right out of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 in the case of Shelby County v. Holder, it’s been a race to the legislature for the GOP to see how far they go with violating people’sright to vote. Eric Holder and the DOJ, according to Talking Points Memo, will be joining lawsuits challenging GOP-backed voting laws in battleground states of Ohio and Wisconsin.

Boehner’s Lawsuit Has No Chance, And Here’s Why

It’s now common knowledge that House Speaker John Boehner’s lawsuitagainst President Obama legally holds no water and is mere GOP theatrics. The lawsuit started its trek through the legal system yesterday, but despite Republican support, there are too many obstacles that stand in the way of the suit’s success, thankfully.

Rush Limbaugh: Flight MH17 Attack Is Just A Media Distraction

Right-wing mouthbreather Rush Limbaugh has an idea about Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, which was transporting 100 of the world’s top AIDS researchers to Melbourne, Australia that was shot down over Ukraine this week. According to Limbaugh, the attack is just an opportunity to shift the media’s focus off of Obama and the border.

Minnesota Republican Said That Single Women Don’t Deserve Weddings

A Republican upstart trying to campaign her way into the Minnesota House of Representatives has been outed for blogging extremely offensive comments about expecting mothers in 2009.