“Where is an assasin [sic] when you need one” was the caption that Moms with Guns founder Kathy Perkins wrote when she shared of photo of President Obama on her Facebook page. Perkins is a public example of gun-loving, anti-Obama right-wingers who think that the only way to fix the country is to kill Obama. It’s a sick opinion.

Perkins’ post followed Obama’s visit to Texas where he engaged in public relations appearances and met with Texas governor Rick Perry. Likeminded commenters on Facebook agreed with Perkins. Todd Thozeski, an Ohio resident, commented “I know… I’m amazed it hasn’t happened yet.”

Nearly everybody has either read or heard someone manifest the same sentiment: “I wish someone would kill that damned ol’ Obama.” And it’s not that these people just don’t want the president in office anymore. They think someone should pick up a gun, take a post, and shoot him. It’s disturbing to think that some people believe that killing the president is the only way to rid the country of all its problems.

Progressives don’t usually like Obama either. However, you never hear progressives say things about wanting the president to die. We progressives just want him out of office. It’s the opposite with conservatives. They are the only group with people that say they want someone to kill Obama. They don’t say that they can’t wait for his term to end; they want him dead.

What is it about conservatives that makes them want to kill everything with which they disagree? It’s an unfathomable and frightening sentiment. And these are the people that also believe that more guns create more safety.