For the past several days Fox News has been entertaining guests on Fox & Friends to express its perspective of  how women should behave to be happy and successful. The advice is depressingly restrictive and backwards coming from the news source. To save you the time and frustration of listening to their ramblings, here are the top 5 tips for women from Fox News.

5. Women Should Wear “Well-Cut Jeans With a Colorful Top”

4. Don’t Raise Your Voice

3. Don’t Disrespect Your Husband

2. Ask Your Husband What You Can Do To Make Your Husband’s Day Better

1. Don’t Even Think That Divorce Is An Option

Bonus: Show That You’re Really A Man.

Ultimately, all of the “advice” above was summed up in one comment, “Show that you’re in touch with your emotions; at the same time, show that you’re really a man.”

Condescension is reaching new highs over on Fox & Friends.

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