With only 200 people controlling 85% of Super PAC contributions, the concentration of political power is climbing to new and dangerous heights. Last week, Mayday.us, a “super PAC to end all super PACs” reached its $5 million goal.

Through a letter on the website, the founder of Mayday.us and Harvard professor Lawrence Lessig announced that the Super PAC had reached its goal of $5 million, despite public skepticism that the effort could do so.

“No one expected we could do this. Neither the $1M nor the $5M. Of course, when we crossed $1M, plenty said they knew we would — though most of them were quite sure we could never make the $5M. And now that we’ve crossed $5M, you can be sure there will be plenty who say they knew we’d do this too. … But the truth is, no one knew…”

The PAC plans to raise $12 million total. It will do this by acquiring $6 million through crowd-sourced funds and another $6 million through funds from major donors. The major donors, who will match the crowd-sourced $6 million, have yet to be disclosed.

Want to know more about what the Mayday PAC is or what the goals of Mayday.us are? Watch the video below.