Hobby Lobby won a remarkably insane Supreme Court case on Monday. The Court stated that companies can refuse to cover contraceptive it deems to offends its religious values. Further research into the company has found that Hobby Lobby is run by hypocrites, and not just hypocrites, but sexist ones too.

The company’s 401(k) plan has millions invested in funds that own the companies producing Plan B, a contraceptive that Hobby Lobby says is unacceptable. According to CNN Money, Hobby Lobby 401(k) plans contribute to at least a dozen mutual funds, eight of which invest in pharmaceutical companies that produce and sell the kinds of drugs that Hobby Lobby protested against.

But with all the fuss the company put up about “sinful” contraceptives, Hobby Lobby still covers male-friendly procedures and drugs. Yes, the company’s health program covers the erectile-dysfunction drug Viagra and vasectomies. Apparently, contraceptive medicines and intrauterine devices are not okay with God, but penis pills and scrotum-snipping are.

The obviously male-centric ruling and company have come under a firestorm of criticism on Twitter from women, celebrities, and politicians. Because the evangelical Christians that run Hobby Lobby believe life begins at conception, “medical procedures that disrupt the first stages of pregnancy amount to murder.”

Hobby Lobby has remained really quiet on either subject as CNN nor The Huffington Post has been able to get the company to comment on its blatant hypocrisy. But that’s common with many thoughtless religious followers, when you pose logic and fact that trump their reasoning, they clam up because they know they’re wrong, but refuse to accept it.

Josh is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire. Follow him on Twitter @dnJdeli.