Fox News Host Jesse Watters managed to belittle at least a quarter of American voters yesterday, claiming that “single ladies” were upset with the recent Hobby Lobby ruling because they “depend upon the government because they aren’t depending upon their husbands.”

Watters, speaking on the network’s new show “Outnumbered,” which features a rotating panel of Fox News’s female personalities and one male guest, discussed Hillary Clinton’s reaction to the Hobby Lobby case. He said Clinton is merely attempting to appeal to single, female voters, or “Beyonce voters,” as he called them.

This group, he said, needs “contraception, health care, and they love to talk about equal pay.” Not one woman on the panel, which included Kimberly Guilfoyle, who is twice-divorced and currently unmarried, spoke up against his assertions that single women cannot be financially stable without help from a man and rely on government handouts.

In reality, 73 percent of government assistance checks go to those over 65 and the disabled, with just 9 percent going to the non-elderly, non-disabled, non-working poor. Also, the U.S. government takes marital status into account in 179 different tax provisions. Many of these benefit married couples in terms of “getting money from the government,” including estate protection and the allowance of non-working spouses to contribute to joint retirement accounts that receive substantial tax benefits.

Fox News and conservatives have managed to paint women, especially those who are unmarried, as incapable of managing their own lives, both financially and reproductively. As stated in the video, single women voted overwhelmingly for Obama in the last presidential election. Clearly they’ve decided they don’t like the GOP, and they definitely don’t want to put a ring on it.

Watch the video below: