The GOP has been in trouble. It has known this for years and recently failed election bids highlight the problems plaguing the GOP and its constituency. A string of defeats has highlighted that the party is falling to its fringe constituency and that’s a surefire guarantee for the party to guarantee its demise.

National demographics reflect a swelling minority population, a group the Republican Party has a less than stellar record with, and just last week the GOP voted to appoint two more white men to its leadership positions.

In its autopsy report from 2013, the GOP concluded that votes viewed the party as out of touch, and disconnected from the population. According to Salon, “91 percent of congressional Republicans are white males, and its leadership has the dubious honor of remaining 100 percent white.”

It’s long past time for the GOP to come around embrace the needs of minorities in the United States. Whether its the party’s lack of consideration for women or its outright abuse of immigrants, the party continuously exhibits its choice to embrace its fringe constituency.

Recent losses to Tea Party candidates and the increasingly extreme rhetoric from the party leadership show this. The new leadership: John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy, and Steve Scalise serve as frank reminders of that fact.

It’s a selection that signals that the party is ignoring the overwhelming signs that it is dying. Instead of reaching out to segments of the population, instead of extending olive branches to those that they have spit on in the past, the party is doubling-down on its core constituency of backwards fundamentalists. A move that, as it has in the past, will only spell disaster for the party in coming years.