The People’s Pope, Pope Francis, came out against the legalization of recreational drugs. Pope Francis has a record of being socially progressive but it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Pope has come out against the liberal trend of legalizing recreational drugs.

During a meeting in Rome on drug-enforcement last Friday, Francis stated unequivocally that drug addiction is an evil and that attempts to legalize such practice are misguided and will not produce their desired effects.

In the U.S., recreational marijuana sales are legal in Colorado and Washington. Other movements around the world are underway, responding to softened public distaste for the drugs use. According to a CNN poll, 55% of survey respondents would see marijuana made legal. That number was only 16% in 1987.

Francis delighted the public with his vocal criticism of the 1% and his calls for governments to very seriously focus on fixing income inequality in at home. Francis made further headlines when asked about his position regarding gay priests and responding, “Who am I to judge?”

All-in-all the pope’s statement is a reminder that, while he may be moving in the right direction on some issues, he still has a way to go.