According to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones of, the shooting that took place in Las Vegas was “absolutely staged” by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) and was achieved by using Batman characters as a mind-control device. This latest musing of Jones’ came earlier today and blurs the lines of amusement and repulsion.

“There is so much proof of this being staged yesterday, when I first read about it, and this morning, that my mind exploded with hundreds of data points, and quite frankly it’s conclusive,” said Jones hyperbolically. “They’re getting ready to false flag, and it happens right in Harry Reid’s district, right in his state, right in his city, with his police department.”

Jones makes these claims because he thinks that Reid false flagged the entire shooting in order to fight the Tea Party and dismantle gun rights. Going back to the Bundy standoff, Jones uses that incident as a backdrop to what took place yesterday in Las Vegas.

“Harry Reid comes out and says we’re going to do something about this. These are domestic terrorists at the Bundy ranch. Everybody needs to be arrested,” said Jones “They roll out last week the domestic terrorism task force saying the Tea Party’s the number one enemy. They’ve been building this behind the scenes, now they’re rolling it out.”

Even more insane, Jones cited the fact that Jerad Miller, one of the Las Vegas shooters from yesterday, dressed as The Joker as “evidence” that the government controlled his mind to commit the murders. The Joker is “a programming template for mind control,” said Jones.

Somehow, since Aurora shooter James Holmes opened fire in a theater showing Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises,” that means mass shooters are mind-controlled by the government.

The Joker wasn’t even in the last Batman movie.

Josh is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire. Follow him on Twitter @dnJdeli.