NRA Tells Members To Stop Being Crazy

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has never been afraid to be on the wrong side of history. After countless mass murders in recent years, the group doubled down on their efforts to put a firearm in the hands of every American, regardless of their mental state, and they’ve helped push racist “stand your ground” laws in every state willing to go against their better judgment. So when the NRA says that a group is being a little too “crazy” for their taste, you can bet that there is some serious mental instability taking place.

Tea Party Pundit Fear-Mongering Just Gets Crazier and Crazier

Fear-mongering and foundationless speculation are a mainstay of ultra-conservative punditry, and Alex Jones of has long asserted himself as the leading wing-nut conspiracy theorist. After a recent report on a secret, not-secret military training facility, he revisited the decades-old government-takeover-by-force theory.

Corporate Allies: Scalia, BP, & the GOP

There’s little question that the GOP has gained a stranglehold on the Supreme Court and that BP may be about to be one of the greatest benefactors in history from such a relationship. Whether it’s Justice Roberts leaving injured consumers in the cold or the destruction of voting rights, it’s hard to not see this Court as more than stewards of corporate America.

Ted Cruz’s is Steeped In Delusion and Knows No Limits

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), the Tea Party-backed politician who temporarily killed the federal government last October over the Affordable Care Act, said that act “gave the GOP an edge” for the midterm elections this year.