Open carry advocates have been getting headlines and airtime because of their ridiculous and outlandish demonstrations where they walk into public places like restaurants, retail stores, and even voting polls while armed to the teeth. These actions do not make a statement, they frighten people and even the NRA has criticized them.

Just yesterday, John David Murphy, an Alabama gun rights supporter, went to the polls to vote in the state primaries. Nothing wrong with that, except that Murphy thought it a good idea to bring his 9 mm pistol and two additional ammo clips. The polls that Murphy went to vote took place at First United Methodist Church of Alabaster.

Someone working at the poll promptly called the police and forced Murphy to keep the firearm in his truck. The incident upset Murphy and went to talk about how his rights were violated and other hogwash.

“Them being freaked out doesn’t trump my right to open carry,” said Murphy.

So, your right to carry trumps the rights of other people not to be afraid and scared while their trying to vote? Good luck with that. That way of thinking sure didn’t fair well with Joe the Plumber when he said “your dead kids don’t trump my constitutional rights,” directly to the parents of those killed by Elliot Rodger.

There’s also the event where several members of Open Carry Texas were forced to leave a Chili’s, (yes, Chili’s, because nothing says “stand-your-ground” like a Triple Dipper and a side of .45 ammo) because they walked in strapped with assault rifles. Sonic (Glock’n’tots?) and many other businesses have spoken out against the group’s actions and said they are still allowed, but only if they leave the guns outside.

The NRA, beacon of American gun rights, released a statement criticizing the actions of these people. Gun nuts criticizing the gun nutters. The NRA, referring to the open carry in public places, said “Let’s not mince words, not only is it rare, it’s downright weird. . . To those not acquainted with the dubious practice of using public displays of firearms. . . , it can be downright scary.”

Open carry advocates, this last part is for you.

Please know that no one is impressed or enthralled with your brazen actions. And when they’re not shaking the heads at you, they are uncomfortable with your presence and want you to go away. Even your precious NRA thinks you’re out of control.