Fear-mongering and foundationless speculation are a mainstay of ultra-conservative punditry, and Alex Jones of InfoWars.com has long asserted himself as the leading wing-nut conspiracy theorist. After a recent InfoWars.com report on a secret, not-secret military training facility, he revisited the decades-old government-takeover-by-force theory.

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His latest theory involves the U.S. military planning and preparing for a war against small town America, with the targets primarily being Christians, gun owners, veterans, and “those who want a small, limited government.” In a word, he, and those at InfoWars, thinks it will target conservatives.

“The public may not know the problem yet, because they [the government] haven’t yet executed the false flag event that they’ll use to openly activate martial law,” said InfoWars “reporter” David Knight. “But the military has been creating scenarios where they can justify a move against small-town America for quite some time.”

From secret, weather-controlling weapons in government stockpiles to Chinese military generals having a hand in the Cliven Bundy ranch fiasco, Jones continues to set the bar higher for himselfeach time. When one thinks that he can no longer outdo himself, they are on a fool’s errand.

In Virginia, the United States military has constructed a 300-acre mock town in order for troops to practice real life fighting tactics, like police and military groups tend to do. However, according to Jones, the military is aligning itself to spring an attack on small town America and will apparently do so at any moment.

Upon the public unveiling of the facility, because modern, evil military groups like to wave their targets’ make-believe and impending doom right in front of them, it was announced that the mock town had replicas of shopping centers, schools, and a church and mosque. When InfoWars reporters took a short tour of the site, they noticed the replica of a Christian church, and they used that as “proof” that the military will stage an invasion on its own country.

“The Emergency Centers Establishment Act, the Rural Affairs Commissions that is under the Pentagon and Homeland Security – is putting plainclothes troops in every town and city, literally spying on people,” said Jones. “And then bringing in the federal money to buy off the town leadership. And they are training to take on small towns everywhere . . . So this is the giant buildup for war with the American people.”

It’s tough to determine whether it’s scarier that people like Jones are propagating this nonsense, or that there are people who actually listen to this stuff and think it’s true.

Josh is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire. Follow him on Twitter @dnJdeli.