While Republicans are running around and panicking about Obama’s executive order to reduce carbon emissions by 30 percent from now until 2030, the general public, and even energy companies, seem to be pretty okay with the change.

According to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released yesterday, 70 percent of those polled think that the federal government should regulate carbon emissions and place a limit on those emissions. What’s interesting, however, is how the opinion breaks down when looking at the party constituency.

The majority of Republican constituents polled are in favor of federally regulated caps on carbon emissions, 57 percent. Also, those polled were asked if they would still support the regulations if it meant a slight increase in their energy costs. Though not a scale-tipping number, but 51 percent of Republican constituents said they would still support federal regulation of carbon emissions.

Democrat constituency percentages are what any one would expect them to be. Seventy-nine percent of them support government regulation and limits on carbon emissions. And the results of the ABC poll tend to parallel with other surveys as well.

One would also think that energy companies that are primarily dependent on coal burning would be upset about the change, but they really aren’t. Some are even saying that it won’t take too much work to comply with the new standards.

“Our initial reaction is that we don’t have too far to go,” said Ray Evans of FirstEnergy Corporation.

Other companies are already aware of the issue to manage any perceived increase in energy costs for consumers. “Because of the baseline year and the timeframe for compliance we think that there’s going to be a lot of opportunity for us to be creative in managing costs,” said Great River Energy vice president Eric Olson.

There was a call made, and companies are responding to it by preparing for action. Which is good on those guys. The main problem, of course, is coming from GOP-partisan hacks.

In order to scare up support against the new rule, Republicans like House Speaker John Boehner are resorting to knee jerk and false facts in an attempt to paint a frightening picture about the new emission standards. The party, like always, tends to ignore what the greater public wants in order to push it’s own agenda and policy.

Josh is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire. Follow him on Twitter @dnJdeli.