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Comcast is America’s Worst Company

Comcast, the telecommunications and data behemoth, has been named as America’s worst company of 2014, according to results from the Consumerist’s annual poll. Comcast has been on our radar for some time due to its back-channel dealings and attempts to consolidate internet access in the United States.

Jeb Bush’s Ugly Record On Minorities Back In The Spotlight

This past Friday, Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio appeared on MSNBC’s The Ed Show to discuss the GOP’s latest attempt to rebrand themselves.  In a series of new ads, the Republican Party recruited Jeb Bush and Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal to appear as the “new” face of the Party, ignoring the fact that both Bush and Jindal are old school members of the Grand OLD Party.

New Study: Rich Taking More from Poor than Ever Before

We’ve all heard of the one percent. We know them. They are the the affluent and entitled and they have more money than you or I will ever have. The group you may not have heard of is the one percent of the one percent. This group has been solidifying its wealth in the United States, steadily, and now holds an egregious amount of American capital.

The Supreme Court Ripped Apart the Voting Rights Act. Now Southern States are Paying the Price.

Last year, the Supreme Court, eviscerated the Voting Rights Act of 1965 at the direction of GOP poster-boy Justice, John Roberts. The court voted to remove protections that had previously required states that had shown a precedence for discriminatory voting practices to be reviewed and have any changes to their voting registration and voting methods approved by federal oversight.

Texas Oil Spill Kills Birds and Marine Life

On March 22, nearly 170,000 gallons of oil spilled into the Galveston Bay near the Texas City Dike when an oil barge carrying one million gallons of oil collided with a bulk vessel. The spill created 200,000 pounds of oiled sand and debris along 22 miles of the Texas coast.