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Federal Judge Strikes Down Bush-Era Rule that Allowed Dumping in Streams

On Thursday, a DC federal judge struck down a controversial rule that decreased protections for waterways near mountaintop removal mining operations. The 2008 stream buffer zone rule, which removed protections for waterways, was issued during the final weeks of the Bush administration, Law360 reports.

Alec’s Corporate Army

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a corporately-funded group, consisting of conservative state lawmakers and company lobbyists, that composes model bills to disperse to its hundreds of corporate members. This corporate “bill mill” provides model bills to companies as tentative outlines that the companies can amend in order to fit their own interests in a certain state.

New Study Links Tylenol Use to Birth Defect

The children of women who took acetaminophen, most commonly known as Tylenol, during their pregnancy are more likely to suffer from ADHD, according to a new study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics. For years, Tylenol has been promoted as safe for women to consume during pregnancy. Acetaminophen manufacturers, Johnson & Johnson’s McNeil Consumer Healthcare being the most popular, are also having to answer for their failure to warn of the low threshold overdosage that can result in serious liver damage and failure.

How Corporations Get Out of Paying Federal Income Taxes

Tax activist group Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ) released a report indicating that America’s top corporations pay little or no federal taxes despite the 35 percent tax they are mandated to pay on their profits. Corporations use offshore tax havens, loopholes in tax law, corporate stock options, and outright non-payment of federal income taxes to avoid paying their fair share.

Papantonio: Time is Right for Populist Movement (VIDEO)

This week, Mike Papantonio spoke with America’s favorite populist, Jim Hightower, about what it would take to spark a true populist movement in America to help beat back the corporatists that have taken over Washington D.C.

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