From November 2013:

Do you remember the last presidential primaries when the only viable candidate that Republicans had was Jon Huntsman? The Democrats were able to cheer virtually every week, after every debate, and after every press conference that GOP candidates participated in because, except for Huntsman, the image of an unstable oddball GOP field of candidates always made its way to the surface. Expect to see that again.

It has already begun in the frenzy that has developed over Chris Christie’s victory in New Jersey. Yesterday, all the right wing talk pundits were operating at DEFCON 12 levels of crazy talk about Chris Christie, the sellout.

I personally love these moments. The early beginnings of another teabag Republican train wreck, and all of us get to watch it on a slow motion screen.

It’s my hope that the Democratic candidate (besides Hillary Clinton) will rise up and take advantage of the goofy events that will continue to develop within the GOP as the presidential primaries approach.

Using the translation to all the crazy talk that we’re hearing from the Limbaughs, Hannities, Rand Pauls, and Marco Rubios about Chris Christie is that, in their opinion, Chris Christie is not enough of a moon bat loony bird to lead the new teabag Republican party through a presidential election cycle. He is not, in their opinion, odious and disgusting enough to be a successful Republican these days.

After all, the image that most rank-and-file Republicans cannot get out of their head is that photo of Chris Christie putting his arms around an African-American president. Rank-and-file Republicans would have much preferred to see Chris Christie give a Mike Savage quality character (maybe even a rabid dingo dog) a big wet kiss on the lips. But it’s that photograph of an African-American president putting his arms around 400 pounds of severe Christie crazy that left most rank-and-file Republicans apoplectic.

But what does the Chris Christie victory really mean in the world outside of Beltway punditry and second rate lazy journalistic reporting.

We have already had to endure hours of post election pundit stupid talk about how Chris Christie is really a moderate Republican, possibly even a moderate Democrat. It’s what lazy pundits do when they don’t arm themselves with actual facts. Yesterday on the show I asked listeners to sum up for me the image that they had of Chris Christie after following his career. Here’s what I gleaned from that.

The truth is Chris Christie only looks like he has potential as a new and improved Republican because the lazy, lazy media and the dysfunctional GOP has set the standards so low for the GOP these days. If you remember, early on they tried to do the same with Ted Cruz and John Boehner. To create the image of an innovative dynamic, conservative compassionate leader who would resurrect a dead or dying Republican Party of stale frail and pale crazy uncle type rank-and-file.

The corporate media believes that all of America is as lazy as they often are. Corporate media simply is always trying to create a horse race where they can sell more ad time by luring low information listeners to hang on every word from commercial to commercial.  One way they do that is called image building.  That is almost always done with smoke and mirrors. That’s what we already see happening with Chris Christie in the American media.

The audience I talked to on this show in 10 minutes provided more accurate information about who and what Chris Christie really is than we will hear for the entire two years from corporate media leading up to the election. The descriptions I recieved from this audience was that of a mean-spirited oafish and corrupt poser incapable of making decisions based on decency, compassion, and fairness.

Most of you pointed out that his long history of union busting, anti-education, anti-women’s equality, anti-public workers rights, anti-environment, anti-government, make him no different than virtually every potential party boss controlling the GOP.

Christie’s in favor of corporate welfare in a way where he is willing to take from middle-class and working poor and give it to his rich benefactors as he has done numerous times just in the last couple of years. He is wholly owned and operated by Wall Street and the super wealthy donors who regularly order him around. Story after story proves that he is no less of a boy for billionaire donors than Scott Walker, Rick Scott, Tom Corbett, and all the other Republican organ grinder monkeys that we have become so used to seeing. He’s given $2 billion in tax breaks to huge support of multi national corporations and hustled millions in tax breaks away from New Jersey’s working poor to come up with that $2 billion tax break for his Wall Street pals.

He is the Republican version of Cory Booker in the way he is owned and operated by Wall Street.

Chris Christie as a front runner for the GOP provides yet another opportunity for Democratic strategists who so often get it wrong. The GOP will have yet another miserably weak field of candidates, with people like Chris Christie and Jeb Bush as front runners. They will be supported by a collection of lesser clowns such as Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, hopefully Sarah Palin, and one or two other sources of solid comic relief. So let’s watch and have some fun.