If you haven’t heard about the recent controversy regarding Duck Dynasty “patriarch” Phil Robertson, you haven’t either been near a television or in the vicinity of internet access. To catch you up, Phil Robertson made some remarks in an interview regarding homosexuals. Then, the internet had a collective heart attack.

The controversy itself isn’t all that interesting. A Bible-thumping redneck makes unflattering remarks about gays. Who was really, truly surprised? But there are some interesting consistencies that show up among the supporters of Phil Robertson; some predictable brand allegiances pop up again and again. The folks over at Vocativ took it upon themselves to aggregate the data and while you can read the entire list here, some of our favorites are recounted below.

#2 Mitt Romney

The Republican presidential nominee of the last election cycle found particular strong support among Phil Robertson fans. Could there be a possible Mitt Romney/Phil Robertson ticket in the works? Smart money is on no, but that doesn’t keep us from imagining one of the most Daily Show-worthy Republican campaigns possible.

#4 Chic-fil-A

The unofficial chicken supplier of the 2016 Romney-Robertson campaign, supporters of Phil showed a strong affinity for this bastion of right-wing business. The company has been associated with anti-gay efforts in the past but has since taken a more apathetic stance. “Going forward, our intent is to leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the government and political arena.”

#8 Digital Bible


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