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Just to Clarify, Limbaugh, Palin & Napolitano, Pape Francis is not a Marxist @Joshual33

Pope Francis has been making waves since his ascension to the Papacy. Referred to by many as the internet’s darling, his increased social cache and ability to garner audiences is causing him to draw fire. Interestingly enough, the fire is coming from a few right-wing talking heads who fear that the pope may be taking a turn for liberalism. … Read more.

Phil Robertson

Just to Clarify, Free Speech Isn’t Guaranteed on T.V. @Joshual33

Unfortunately for the Duck Dynasty crowd, free speech doesn’t include saying whatever you want wherever you want. … Read more.


Studies Claim Multivitamins Are Useless @krystaloera

recent editorial published in Annals of Internal Medicine is claiming that multivitamins, once thought to be a crucial staple in a healthy diet, may potentially offer no substantial benefits to preventing diseases, such as stroke, heart attack, and cancer. … Read more.


Texas Police Are Searching Homes then Getting Warrants @dnjdeli

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has ruled that police can obtain search warrants based on the “prediction” of a supposed crime. This ruling is a violation of citizen rights and extends Texas law enforcement’s power beyond its rightful place. … Read more.


American Prisons are Overcrowded and Unsafe, but Not If You’re Rich @Joshual33

America’s prisons face an ever-growing problem of overcrowding. The Inspector General has recognized the problems plaguing prisons as some of the most threatening to our American justice system. For most of us, this would mean that if we get convicted of a crime and sentenced to serve time, we are constantly facing a greater and greater threat to our safety. But this isn’t always true. For those of means, buying your way out of the prisons of the poor is as simple as signing a check. … Read more.


We Are Not All in This Together | @ShamusKhan

Why AT&T says it can deny Google Fiber access to its poles in Austin | @JBrodkin

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