Earlier this year, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program had its benefits cut, decreasing the amount of funding that would go to American families. According to the USDA’s website, these cuts came into effect as the result of the ending of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which was passed in 2009 and ended on November 1.

This resulted in a net average decrease in the amount of funding a family of 4 would receive on the plan, according to the USDA, of $36. Though they also say that it is hard for them to say exactly how much the decrease affects individuals; numerous other factors can influence the amount they are eligible to receive.

What is a family of 4 to do if these benefits are not enough?

“Contact your regional food bank and ask for the nearest food distribution site.” – USDA.Gov

More or less what’s being said is that funding through this supplemental food program decreases for a family of 4 at an average of $36 dollars and here’s information about where you can go get food because we know you can’t afford it now.

Compare that to the $3 million an hour David Koch is reported to have made from his investments or the statements that organizations funded by the Kochs have made in the past.

“SNAP helps breed dependency and undermines the work ethic. Like much of the American welfare state, it is designed to make poverty a little more comfortable, not get people out of poverty.” – Cato.org

It shouldn’t be a surprise that these organizations ignore that well over half of families with children who receive food stamps have at least one working adult in them and that over 50% of the recipients are either children or elderly individuals 60 or older.

But the fantasy narrative of the Koch’s and their ilk is certain to help some feel better about having such disproportionate wealth compared to the rest of America, especially around the holidays.

Joshua is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire.