By Mike Papantonio

Aren’t you just a little bit tired of listening to Harry Reid and dozens of spineless Democrats talk about the threat of the nuclear option? I tried to count how many times we have been through this ridiculous scenario where the Democrats tell the rest of us that “they really are not bluffing this time”. With a straight face they tell us that they really are going to act like courageous adults, be responsible, and do what the hell we sent them to Washington to do and that is to legislate, make decisions, and make critical appointments to critical cabinet positions and to critical judicial positions.

This is year six since we have been listening to this terrified, childlike gaggle of pathetically weak Senators wine and complain that “geewhiz” the Republicans just won’t play fair in the sandbox. Ya Think?? And for six years most everyone listening to this broadcast has had to endure a collection of sociopath teabag freaks in the Beltway as they virtually stomp the bejeezus out of the only team we have to stand up for the rest of us.  It’s not a warm and fuzzy feeling.

It’s the same kind of frustration that a city feels when they have a football team or baseball team that is so deplorably bad that everyone in town simply loses interest in even going to the game or for that matter even checking out the scores the day after the game to see if the impossible happened and their team actually ever scored a point.  The Jacksonville Jaguars or the Houston Astros come to mind.

So here we sit with dozens and dozens of judicial appointments that have not been made. Critically important cabinet positions that are still not filled and we are six years into this hopeless game of gutless stupidity. Most of us are unwilling at this point to continue to blame the tea bag Republican freaks anymore. Because it is apparent that the pathology that has developed with our democratic loser home team is that of a severely abused spouse who is unable to pull away from the sick, abusive relationship.

The most interesting argument that we’ve had to endure in all this is the suggestion that “Golly Gee” if we actually show some courage and fight back on this issue it will erode the spirit of camaraderie and bipartisanship that exists in the Senate today. Seriously I’m not making that up. That is one of the key talking points that we’ve heard actually coming out of a handful of Halfwits who apparently grew up in a world where “big boys” would regularly beat the hell out of them and steal their lunch money.

It is reality check time and part of that reality is that there is no more room or time or patience from the American public with this fantasy of compromise. We don’t miss the fact that a lot of this spineless, hopeless conduct by Democrats in the Senate is that in their mind they believe that they are still living in a time where real bigger than life statesman walked the halls of that Senate floor. It’s almost as if they don’t understand there are no more Tip O’Neill’s. There are no more Ted Kennedy’s. The Proxmire’s and the Javits they are all gone. And unfortunately that appears to be a permanent condition there in the U.S. Senate. This may be a wake-up call Mr. and Mrs. Senators but as I speak you have an approval rating so low that there is no point in history that we can even compare it to.  If it were a heart monitor, you would register somewhere between death and dying.

So stop kidding yourselves. Stop trying to hustle the American people that this is all about your desire to collectively act like sophisticated, intellectual gentlemen in some kind of imaginary movie script gentlemen’s club. And please spare us all of that stupid talk about how you are so close to collective compromise. Phrases like that only make you look more pathetic and more ridiculous.

Do your job. Stop talking about nuclear option unless you have the guts to use it.  Man up or shut up. Stop coming off like losers once and for all. There is no option here except the “nuclear option.” We’ve already seen the headlines dozens of times. They always read that “Sen. Harry Reid the majority leader is poised to move forward by nuking the Republican filibuster options.”

We are suffering from gag fatigue from reading those laughable quotes where we are told that Reid and his creampuff Pals “are confident this time that they have the votes to take democracy out of gridlock. Trust us on this Mr. Senators the American public could not possibly care less whether America’s corporate media denounces you for doing what you must do. That media is simply an extension of you.  You should also feel comfortable that the overwhelming majority of the American public are jubilant to hear Republican teabag senators carry on like colicky toddler brats when they whine that Democrats won’t compromise. Senators like Grassley and McCain will of course be the ones whining and groveling to try and stop this train. Send them flowers, buy them a box of candy, given tickets to Redskins game, but do not continue to abuse all Americans simply to placate the whiners, and kid yourself about imagined reality like preserving tradition or statesmanship or camaraderie, or cooperation.  Because when you do that, you sound even more like buffoons.