Patients that have suffered at the hands of Johnson & Johnson’s failed DePuy ASR metal-on-metal hip implant may soon be in talks regarding a DePuy hip settlement. Multiple law firms across the nation are stating that Johnson & Johnson has agreed to a settlement in the DePuy ASR litigations for patients implanted with the recalled DePuy ASR XL Acetabular hip that have undergone revision surgery as of August 31, 2013.

Johnson & Johnson has agreed to pay $2.475 billion to settle claims related to DePuy ASR XL lawsuits.  Plaintiffs’ counsel was responsible for conducting depositions across the world; in locations spanning England, Ireland, California, Indiana, New Jersey, and more.

Despite the settlement from Johnson and Johnson, the company will continue to face thousands of lawsuits from patients who have yet to receive a revision surgery or whose revision surgery was scheduled after the cut-off date.

For patients with an implanted DePuy ASR hip implant that did not have a revision surgery before the cut-off date, the Levin, Papantonio law firm will continue to monitor their progress and pursue their legal rights in the DePuy litigation. This will include continuing to monitor their medical status and collecting relevant medical records.

In 2010, DePuy recalled its DePuy ASR XL total hip system because of markedly increased rates of revision surgery. These revision surgeries often responded to potential cobalt and chromium poisoning along with other injuries. The DePuy metal-on-metal hip was originally allowed to come to market under the FDA’s 510(k) approval system which many argue did not require adequate clinical testing before placing the device on the market.

Levin, Papantonio shareholder Ben Gordon, who is a member of the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee and the Settlement Oversight Committee (“SOC”), commented:

“This recent development in the litigation, which will resolve the claims of many patients in the near future, will provide them with fair compensation for the pain and other damages they have suffered because of their defective ASR hip implant.” Individuals seeking more information regarding the settlement and its process should refer to the Court’s website.

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