Senator Ted Cruz,(R-TX) came out of a gerrymandered district that was drawn  for the sole purpose of getting a nut-case like him elected. He has done everything his district has asked of him. Today, like the Bushes before him, the same self-righteous idiots want to put another nut-job back in the White House.

The Tea Partiers have put Cruz on some biblical plane. They view what Cruz did to our country as tantamount to David killing Goliath. He managed to shut down the government for 16 days and cost the American taxpayer $24 billion. That’s not biblical, that’s insanity. But the average nut-job voter in Texas wouldn’t have their presidential candidate act any other way.

This past August, the far-right’s impatience to start promoting their next presidential candidate began in earnest at the Iowa caucuses. Iowa Rep. Steve King, when asked whether candidates should be here already, he answered, “It’s always important to be here early.” “It’s still relatively early in the process,” continued King. “What we do in Iowa is, we punch one, two, or maybe three tickets to New Hampshire.”

The Iowa Republican caucuses have been the historic starting place for Republican presidential candidates. Smart voters came together to nominate Michele Bachmann the last go-around. We all know how that wonderful experience turned out.

Rick Santorum, Rand Paul, and now Cruz, have decided it is time to see what their ilk wants of them. Like peacocks strutting their feathers, they talk about what they have “accomplished” since being elected. Santorum wants to do some quick fundraising while there and remind his followers what it feels like to lose the primaries. There will also be enough lies to go around for many years to come.

The last time a moderate candidate was nominated by social conservatives, he lost two consecutive primaries and his run for the presidency. This time around, the evangelical power seekers want to get a good look before making their choice. These smart voters want to take a long, hard look at Cruz. This dynamo of truth has been in the political spotlight, and who can forget his stand on Obamacare?

In 2008, Jamie Johnson worked for Rick Santorum’s campaign. Slate reported Johnson saying that “Barack Obama ‘changed the game’ in 2008 and proved that someone with just a little time in D.C. could win.” Johnson continued, “When the conservative base of the Republican Party has a David, to use a biblical analogy, it doesn’t matter where the money is. Ted Cruz is the only guy who fits that bill. He’s the only one who can speak to the religious right, to the economic conservatives.”

Today, the radical right of Iowa wants to promote a man who they see as their new “biblical David.” They see Ted Cruz as David, who slew the government with a shutdown. Compromise was not going to stop him from denying folks their health care. No, Ted Cruz will never compromise.

The National Journal reported Cruz’s position within his own Republican Party, noting that “Reviled by the Left, hated by the middle, disliked by his own party, the junior senator from Texas is exactly where he wants to be.” We have seen the power of his slingshot. We must keep our friends close and our enemies closer.

Richard Andrew is a guest blogger for Ring of Fire.