The GOP’s favorability rating has sunk to an all-time, record low according to a new poll from Gallup. According to the new poll the Republican Party’s recent antics regarding the government shutdown are not producing any positive feelings. Only 28 percent of Americans view the Republican Party favorably. Contrast that with the Democratic Party’s 43 percent favorability rating.

The Republicans had originally set the floor for favorability ratings back in 1999 with a score of 31 percent favorability. At that time, politicians were embroiled in the impeachment of President Clinton.

The shutdown and squabbling between the parties is not leaving the Democrats unaffected though as approximately one out of four Americans view both parties negatively.

The poll’s author Andrew Dungan wrote, “Self-identified Republicans are more than twice as likely to view their own party unfavorably (27%) as Democrats are to see their own party unfavorably (13%).” The observations of the poll seem to suggest that the Republican response to the shutdown may have a disillusioning effect on party members as prior to the shutdown the Republicans had been recorded as recovering their image.

Overall the poll indicates that while Republicans and Democrats are fighting over the nation debt, both parties are suffering. The Republicans however are suffering at a much faster rate than the Democrats and the unfavorable views of the Democrats seem to follow an overall unfavorable view of Congress.

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