Even though we have a government shutdown, the Republicans managed to keep enough money in the Department of Homeland Security budget to continue to deport immigrants. Included in these “essential services” is the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Customs and Border Protection or (CBP). Most Americans have heard of the abusive ICE raids that come in the night and pull parents and relatives from the arms of young people lucky enough to be born in the U.S.

Since the last election, “President Obama won the Hispanic vote by a nearly 3-1 margin.” The Republican Party has had to take notice of hispanic voters. It seems that the GOP has finally realized that something had to be done to improve their chances in the next election.

Like so many misunderstood idiotic decisions made by Republicans, the immigration issue proved to be one more of the same. When the GOP’s own, Sen. Marco Rubio passed a bill in the Senate that seemed to “create a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants, raise the cap on visas for high-skilled workers, and boost security along the U.S.-Mexico border,” it was soundly rejected by Speaker of the House John Boehner.

Who would do such a thing as go against their own party for personal gain? What members of the House would deem it necessary to metaphorically “eat their young?” The “parade of idiots” led by Boehner was joined by Reps. Cantor and McCarthy. These three put an end to any hope of solidifying the hispanic vote for the next election.

During the present government shutdown, the immigration reform bill will remain unchanged and unable to be voted on. Meanwhile, “ICE agents will still be able to detain, arrest, and deport immigrants. On average, 1,120 undocumented immigrants are deported every day,” according to ThinkProgress. These “essential services” must stay open for the protection of America, a country that was founded by immigrants. Our borders must be maintained, say the Tea Party-run House Republicans.

Congress made sure that the border remained open. The Transportation Security Agency (TSA) and the CBP, will likely  have to work without pay while keeping the border open. If Tea Party House Chairperson Boehner had his way, he would have locked down the border. Congress also says green card applications at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services will also stay open. Boehner would have wanted this office closed too.

E-verify will be shut down. E-verify allows “more than 404,000 employers who use this service, the internet-based system that allows businesses to verify the legal status of potential employees will not be operating.” Adding to the misery, “The Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) will likely furlough 70 percent of its 1,339 employees, including those working in the immigration courts and the Board of Immigration Appeals.”

The services that John Boehner and his cronies made sure were shut down were the services that could have helped create a path to citizenship. Thanks to House Speaker Boehner, Eric Cantor and Rep. McCarthy, the hispanic vote will continue to go to everyone except the Republicans. The GOP has met he enemy and it is themselves.

Richard Andrew is a guest blogger for Ring of Fire.