It’s hard to imagine that even the delusional, disconnected Teabag Republicans don’t care that 73% of the American public thinks they are deranged dopes.

But there is a reason they don’t care.  The only voters they are trying to appeal to are the Teabag boneheads in their mostly southern states who sent them to Congress in the first place.

That’s why the GOP worked so hard to gerrymander red states in a way that the most cuckoo part of America’s population would always be willing to send their Teabag dope Congressman back to Washington, no matter how pathetically insane he might be.

The short little oddball Congressman who gave us that great quote this week about his plan to extract something out of the suffering that the shutdown was visiting on America – he said that he will not let his party of lunatics be disrespected and that he expects to get something out of the shutdown even though he didn’t know what it might be.

Go online and take a look at this little creep and understand he is absolutely representative of what the Republican teabaggers have become. 

It’s not just that his eyes are way too close together or that he doesn’t appear to be capable of a creative original thought.  What’s troubling is that in his safe gerrymandered voting district he can sound insane, look insane, and act insane and his angry, stale, pale, frail Tea Party voters will still send him back to Washington – and he knows that.

It’s part of the clown show that most appeals to the new Tea Party GOP.  Crazy is good.

Like the ridiculous scene they caused at the war memorial in DC where the same trollish little characters who caused the memorial to be shut down were helping visitors break through the park service barriers.  Hoping that those memorial visitors would not understand what pathetic frauds those Tea Party Congressmen were.  Creepy little demagogues putting on a show for their crazy constituents back home.

In many ways, the Democrats allowed this to happen.  And here’s how:  12 years ago Howard Dean told the Democrats that they needed to undertake a 50 state strategy where Democrats involved themselves in elections as basic as mayor races, city council races, school board races – in order to gain influence in the entire infrastructure of state politics, state by state.  Dean warned the dismal, very weak Democratic leadership that the Republicans were doing that same thing with an eye toward a toxic level of gerrymandering.

They ignored Dean because the so-called smart guys who hang around Democratic leadership decade after decade had their eye on only one thing – and that was the White House.  Not very creative, not very forward thinking. 

Now look around your state and seriously tell me how many bona fide, impressive, charismatic progressive Democratic political leaders you can identify – be honest.

The truth is the Republican 50 state strategy has worked for them.  They are comfortable shutting down an entire democracy, knowing that back home in their gerrymandered Crazyville, they will still likely be reelected. 

And in their act of reckless crazy, our economy is losing $1.6 billion dollars a week in productivity and revenue.

–      There are no food inspections to stop us from eating e. coli.

–      All NIH progress in life saving research is halted.

–      Air traffic will soon again be put in jeopardy.

–      Pensions, retirement programs are put at risk due to stocks crashing.

–      Disaster relief is at risk in places like Colorado (which is still underwater as a tropical storm barrels it’s way through the Gulf of Mexico).