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Crooked PA Judge Receives 28-Year Prison Sentence For Selling Kids to Jails

Mark Ciavarella, former judge in Luzerne County, PA, received a 28-year prison sentence after being found guilty of racketeering. Ciavarella accepted bribes from a private prison contractor to convict young blacks and have them sent to for-profit juvenile detention centers in what became known as a “cash for kids” scheme. … Read more.


BP’s Criminal Conduct Damages the Entire World

Last month, BP announced that its claim-compensation fund, intended to pay for claims filed by businesses and individuals affected by the 2010 oil spill, is running dry; claims that they are required by law to pay. Even more recently, BP claimed that it has “uncovered new allegations of fraud and conflicts of interest” in regards to the claims filed, an extension of similar allegations the company made earlier this year. … Read more.

Sperm Whales

BP Responsible for “Most Polluted” Sperm Whale Population in the World

The sperm whale population in the Gulf of Mexico “may be the most polluted in the world,” according to Iain Kerr, CEO of the non-profit whale research organization, Ocean Alliance. Kerr explains that the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill and BP’s widespread use of the toxic dispersant Corexit on the spill, which caused the oil to sink and disseminate, is responsible for toxins found in the whales’ bodies. … Read more.

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Louisiana Parish Defends Rape of 14-Year-Old Juvenile Detention Inmate

A young girl was repeatedly sexually assaulted by a Louisiana juvenile detention center guard, and now the parish is defending against a lawsuit filed by the woman, which began last month. At 14-years-old, the now 20-year-old woman, whose name has not been released, was repeatedly raped by prison guard Angelo Vickers, who is currently serving a 7-year sentence after pleading guilty to molestation of a juvenile. … Read more.


Obama’s Economic Plan is Insane

President Obama unveiled his new plan to create jobs and help restore the economy. Unfortunately, unless you are a multinational corporation, the new jobs plan won’t be much help to you. … Read more.

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