Virtually every serious critic of the Democratic Party usually concludes that that Party suffers from a severe lack of cohesiveness and unity.  They usually use the description of trying to herd a huge number of addle brained cats up a muddy hill.

On the other hand, the GOP has usually been characterized as a disciplined, unified, well-coordinated political party always structured even as they, for 40 years, have tried to lead America to the edge of an ugly abyss.  We have to admit that in the past, it is their discipline and vision that has allowed them to help create such a dysfunctional democracy.

But this is a new day for the Grand, Very Old Party.

Unity, discipline, vision, and cohesiveness is a thing of the past for the ugly dinosaurs.  Rand Paul is referring to Chris Christie as a pig part.

Ted Cruz is calling the majority of his fellow Senators useless Obama sell outs.

The water-starved Marco Rubio is abandoning his allegiance to all of the GOP moderate leadership.

John McCain is calling the Tea Party Republican crowd a bunch of “wacko birds” – whatever the hell that is.

Senator Mike Lee from Utah is telling us that he and his small gaggle of Teabag lunatics will absolutely shut down government if Obamacare is not repealed.

And North Carolina GOP leader Richard Burr and Senator John Cornyn from Texas have all but described the Teabag government shut down crowd as a buffoonish barrel of circus monkeys.

Mitch McConnell is pretty certain he will be trounced in either the primaries or the general election and so is other GOP leadership; so there is a quiet power struggle for leadership taking place long before 2014, even though the corporate press is sleeping through it.

So what the Republicans have is actually worse than what the Democrats have suffered through for decades if you can imagine.  Far worse than herding simpleton cats up a hill – the GOP is in the process of self-execution part by part, faction by faction.

They are far down the road – maybe to a place where they can’t turn around, where one radical fringe part of the Teabag GOP is willing to obliterate another radical fringe wing of the GOP.  And since there are no statesmen, no grown ups to mediate rational compromises, those ugly fights within crazy central at the GOP about immigration reform, or student loans, or Obamacare, or shutting down the entire government – the ugly fights there in the GOP frat house have the potential to speed up that day most of us have seen coming.  The day when we move the GOP back into obscurity for decades, much we saw for decades before the Nixon years.